Boney M founder and Daddy Cool Frank Farian dies aged 82

Boney M founder and Daddy Cool Frank Farian dies aged 82

Boney M founder Frank Farian has died aged 82.

The German singer and record producer, who wrote hits likes ‘Daddy Cool’, ‘Rasputin’ and ‘Brown Girl In The Ring’, died peacefully at his home in Miami, Florida, his agency announced on behalf of his family.

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A cause of death has not been revealed.

Farian worked with other artists including Stevie Wonder and Meat Loaf, but he is best remembered for his work with Boney M, who sold over 100 million records during their peak, landing Number Ones with ‘Rivers of Babylon’, ‘Brown Girl In The Ring’, and Christmas Number One ‘Mary’s Boy Child’.

German record producer and songwriter Frank Farian, center, surrounded by members of Boney M — 1985Karl-Heinz Kreifelts/AP

Boney M singer Liz Mitchell said in a statement: “Our work was truly blessed and so enjoyed by people around the world who had the privilege to hear it down the years.”

She continued: “The testimonies come from the hearts of those who heard it and I am so grateful to the God of music that allowed our coming together, to create and present to the world the music of Boney M.”

“We shared and united under a star which rose above and beyond what we ever dared to expect. I say well done to the work that we did. Rest in peace Frank.”

Even if a cause of death was not revealed, Farian underwent heart surgery in 2022 and had a pig heart valve inserted.

He told German tabloid Bild: “My heart valve works wonderfully. Mick Jagger also received exactly the same heart valve. I have a good pig in me! And I’m very grateful for that.”

His health reportedly deteriorated after the operation, leaving him with breathing problems.

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