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Brussels, my love? German farmers’ freak-out panics Brussels

Brussels, my love? German farmers' freak-out panics Brussels

We are joined by German conservative MEP Lars Patrick Berg, the President of the Foundation for Progressive Studies Maria Joao Rodrigues and Fabian Zuleeg, Chief economist and director of the European Policy Centre.

Panelists look at the root causes of the protests in Germany this week that saw thousands of farmers from North to South bring the country to a halt.  A three-day national rail strike also took place adding to travel disruption in Europe’s biggest economy and traditionally most stable member.

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Many sympathies with the farmers but also argue that the fuel subsidies that have been around since the 1950s are a very inefficient way to use public money.

«Farming is a rather small part of most economies by now. And as an economic sector, it has become much less significant in countries like Germany», said Fabian Zuleeg.

Maria Joao Rodrigues hopes the EU plans to be net zero by 2050 will not be quenched.

«The solution is to make the green transition something appealing for the farmers by providing them the necessary support», she insisted.

Panelists also discus how the EU fiscal rule reform could impact the real economy and the decision of Charles Michel to quit his job early to run for MEP.

«To me he seems to be like a captain leaving the bridge in very rough and heavy sea. And that is bad. It’s dangerous, really», said Lars Patrick Berg.

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