Critical thinking is needed more than ever in the AI age and it could add thousands to your salary

Critical thinking is needed more than ever in the AI age and it could add thousands to your salary

By Suzie Coen

Critical thinking is, well, critical. At its core, it’s a process that involves interpreting information in a logical and systematic manner. It allows individuals to engage with ideas, consider different perspectives and arrive at reasonable conclusions. It is one of the most essential skill sets you need to succeed in today’s workforce to experience a thriving career.

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The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs 2023 report confirmed just how essential critical thinking and analytical reasoning skills are this year, placing this capability at the top of its list.

Similarly, the US Department of Labor has identified critical thinking as a key component for essential workplace skills, including problem-solving and decision-making.

However, a report from Reboot found that although 95 per cent of respondents believe that critical thinking skills are vital in today’s world, most of them (85 per cent), believe that these skills are lacking in public.

Human versus bot

Technology might be partly responsible for this downfall.

The growing sophistication of artificial intelligence (AI) has led to many discussions about its impact on human critical thinking. While AI can help us complete simple tasks, over-reliance may result in us getting worse at analysing information.

Additionally, AI has its flaws. When the data used to train an AI system contains bias, has been inputted incorrectly or is incomplete the output is incorrect. Additionally, data outputs can suffer from hallucinations, (when AI generates false or misleading information), so it’s crucial for humans to actively monitor and question AI-generated outputs.

Ask critical questions

But how can we hone our critical thinking skills in a practical sense?

Like everything else, critical thinking is a skill that takes time and practice to develop. The more you do it, the better you’ll become at it.

Instead of taking information at face value, be curious and ask questions to ensure you have everything you need to make a well-informed decision.

Vet new information

Don’t assume all new information you hear is true. Look at the existing evidence and the new facts being presented, then question thought processes and consider whose voice is missing.

Question your own biases. By uncovering your own biases and being actively aware of them, you can grow as a critical thinker and work to keep them separate from your decision-making process.

Form your own opinion and consider the information presented to you, including facts and evidence. Listen to and consider the opinions of others but use deductive reasoning to form your own opinion – and stay true to it.

Practise active listening

Listen to what others are saying to gain an understanding of each person’s perspective, needs and expectations, and show them empathy.

This level of understanding will allow you to work together more effectively and make decisions that everyone is satisfied with.

Be willing to change your mind

Critical thinking at work will help you improve decision-making as well as evaluate an argument’s validity and its potential impact.

It will help you form your own opinions on a topic and develop your ethics and confidence. It will help you engage on a deeper, more intellectual level with your coworkers and supervisors to form stronger working relationships. It will also help you evaluate your work to determine ways to improve quality and efficiency.

That said, if you find that a new argument or piece of evidence has convinced you, don’t be afraid to change your mind. This shows that you are flexible and adaptable. These are highly valued qualities in most workplaces.

If you’re serious about positioning yourself for success in an ever-changing modern workplace, it’s time to explore organisations that value and reward critical thinkers. Your first stop? Head to the Euronews Job Board where you can browse hundreds of exciting jobs now. Here are three companies hiring this week.

In Paris, digital real estate leader AVIV is currently looking for a Senior Commercial Strategist to join its marketing team. Working with the sales, product and IT teams, your role will be to develop the growth of the luxury real estate and corporate real estate market as part of a 12-month fixed-term contract. To apply, you’ll need a third level qualification in marketing (business school or university) plus at least eight years’ of marketing experience in the tech sphere. The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, an analytical thinker and at ease coordinating a team.

JobRad, the market leader in the bike leasing industry, is looking to hire a Sales Manager based in its headquarters in Freiburg. Your main task will be the acquisition of new customers and their intensive support through the entire new customer process. You’ll have a university degree or a completed commercial education; experience in sales and negotiation and are comfortable overseeing projects and working in a team. It’s also worth noting that JobRad offers hybrid working plus the possibility to work up to 20 days a year from selected countries in other EU countries.

German supermarket giant EDEKA has an opening for a SAP Consultant to join its IT service provider team in Minden. Primary tasks will include consulting and providing support in the field of financial accounting for wholesale and retail as well as the further development of business processes in the SAP FI/CO environment and their interfaces. The ideal candidate will have a degree in business informatics, computer science, mathematics or a comparable education with an IT focus. Experience in project management is a plus while good teamwork and analytical skills are highly valued here.

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