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Eric Ciotti expelled from France’s conservative party over bid to ally with far right

Eric Ciotti expelled from France's conservative party over bid to ally with far right

Éric Ciotti, leader of France’s The Republicans (LR), was on Wednesday «unanimously» expelled from the traditional right-wing party he has helmed for a year and a half over his bid to ally with the far right ahead of snap legislative elections.

«We have just voted unanimously to exclude Éric Ciotti from our political family. He is no longer a member of the Republicans,» the party said in a statement posted on X, formerly Twitter.

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Ciotti’s announcement on Tuesday that he wanted to form an alliance with the far-right National Rally (RN) had sparked an uproar in the party.

But Ciotti, 58, contested the vote and its results, arguing that «none of the decisions taken at this meeting have any legal consequences. They may have criminal consequences.

«I am and will remain the president of our political party, elected by our members,» he added on X.

Earlier in the day, the former leader shut down the party’s headquarters in Paris, explaining the meeting to expel him went against his party’s rules.

“I have to guarantee the safety of the staff. Furthermore, no meeting was ever planned at headquarters this afternoon,” he argued on social media.

Ciotti’s announcement also triggered indignation among other political parties. Earlier on Wednesday, French President Macron didn’t mince words on the issue, stating that Ciotti «will have to clarify» his decision after making a «pact with the devil.»


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