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Four teens investigated over attack on German MEP

Four teens investigated over attack on German MEP

German police have identified all four suspects in the attack on SPD politician Matthias Ecke, Dresden authorities said on Monday.

One of the suspects turned himself in on Sunday, the other three were detained later. 

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Kay Anders, Chief Inspector for the Dresden State Office of Criminal Investigation said after the first suspect turned himself in, police searched two flats, where two other suspects were also arrested. During the course of the evening, police also identified the fourth suspect. 

All the suspects are young men aged between 17 and 18.

Matthias Ecke, 41, who is running for re-election in the upcoming European Elections in June as the Social Democratic Party’s (SPD) top candidate, was attacked on 3 May. Ecke underwent surgery on Sunday, suffering from a fractured cheekbone and eye socket as well as hematomas to his face. 

Ecke is expected to continue the election campaign after his recovery.

The same suspects are thought to have attacked a Green Party worker minutes before in the same street.

Several politicians are expected to attend a spontaneous demonstration in Berlin on Monday evening, including Hendrik Wüst, Minister-President of North Rhine-Westphalia. 

Thousands of demonstrators gathered in the streets of Dresden and Berlin on Sunday to protest right-wing extremism and political violence following the attack.

Police said roughly 1,000 people gathered in front of Berlin’s famous Brandenburg Gate to voice their support. Around 2,000 protests are also thought to have taken to the streets in Dresden on Sunday afternoon.


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