From winding rivers to golden beaches, Valencia is a cyclist’s dream

From winding rivers to golden beaches, Valencia is a cyclist’s dream

Valencia, bathed in Mediterranean sun and crowned as the European Green Capital of 2024, beckons travellers with the promise of sustainable beauty. 

The Green Capital title is not just an honour; it’s an invitation to explore Valencia in an environmentally friendly way. The city’s extensive network of bike lanes allow visitors to navigate the city for free, starting from its dazzling historical core.

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How to explore Valencia by bike

A journey through the city’s green lungs will take you past the Turia River’s green flow, through the historical centre, along the beach, into El Cabañal and finally to the serene embrace of La Albufera.

“Valencia is a spectacular city, it’s already in the league of the best capitals in the world to visit. We expect that in 2024 Valencia will continue to soar, reaching new heights,” says Núria Montes, the Councillor of Tourism of the Valencia Region.

The city’s rapid transformation into an environmentally friendly destination defines the visitor’s experience. In just a year, Valencia has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis, and every kilometre of bike lane serves as a witness to the city’s commitment to sustainability.

Here’s what to see on your bike tour through Valencia.

Turia River’s Green Flow: Urban Nature at Its Finest

“If I was to visit Valencia by bike I would for sure start by the Turia River Park, it’s our Central Park”, suggests Nuria Montes.

The Turia River’s Green Flow is a remarkable urban park born from the repurposed riverbed. With over 10 kilometres of dedicated bike lanes, this verdant oasis winds through the heart of the city, connecting parks, gardens, and recreational spaces.

Following the Turia River, you’ll reach the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences, a modern science and cultural complex with breathtaking architecture. Its white futuristic buildings have become icons of the city.

Cycle through the urban Turia River Park.Canva

Take a stroll through Valencia’s historic centre

Starting from the modernist North Station, one can stroll through one of the largest historical centres in Europe, crossing squares and pedestrianised streets full of monuments like Plaza de la Reina, la Catedral and la Plaza Redonda.

Don’t miss out on La Lonja de la Seda, or The Silk Exchange, a masterpiece of late Gothic architecture that was originally used for silk trading. Also recommended is the Central Market, the biggest fresh produce market in Europe. 

Start your stroll through Valencia’s historic centre at the modernist North Station.Canva

Valencia: Beachfront bliss and El Cabañal

The golden sands of Valencia‘s beaches not only invite relaxation and sunbathing but also showcase a commitment to sustainability. From the south, the rice fields give way to beaches that proudly wave the European Blue Flag. Also around here is the Marina de Valencia which is worth a brief pitstop.

Venturing into El Cabañal, a historic fishing neighbourhood, I discovered a district that seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. Narrow streets, colourful houses and a pleasant sea breeze create a unique atmosphere. Cycling through El Cabañal allows you to take in the beautiful architecture and street art.

Stop at Marina de Valencia.Canva

La Albufera: The perfect blend of nature and tradition

Cycling through L’Albufera lets you take in the three natural pantries of Valencia: rice fields, fresh fish, and vegetables and fruits from the orchard that surrounds the city.

La Albufera is Spain’s largest lake and a cherished wetland. Cycling along the trails surrounding the lagoon, visitors can enjoy a refreshing natural landscape. The area stands as a living testament to the delicate balance between preserving the environment and honouring traditional ways of life.

La Albufera is Spain’s largest lake.Canva

End your day exploring the port area and indulging in the varied gastronomic offerings that Valencia has to offer. “From Michelin-starred delights to traditional cuisine, every corner is an opportunity to satisfy all tastes and budgets”, says Nuria Montes.


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