MIDƐM+ festival to play host to conference on music industry challenges

MIDƐM+ festival to play host to conference on music industry challenges

Music festival and industry conference MIDƐM+ has announced its return to Cannes for the 2024 edition of the event.

From the impact of the cost of living crisis to streaming revenues, the music industry faces multiple new challenges. Industry leaders interested in tackling those challenges will head to Cannes this January for the MIDƐM+ conference.

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Held from 24-27 January in Cannes, there will be discussions on the role of AI in music creation, how to build fair artist-centric funding models, and ways to make music festivals carbon neutral.

Speakers have now been announced, including Robin Wauters, Founder of, multiple CEOs of entertainment firms like TSX Entertainment and Pophouse Entertainment, as well as Sébastien Borget, COO & Co-Founder of virtual reality game The Sandbox.

This year’s theme is “Distortion” and aims to “challenge conventions, discuss the industry’s future business trends and celebrate the disruptive power of music.”

As part of the conference’s goal to improve the landscape for music industry startups, new entries to the space with under €1 million in funding have enter MIDƐM+ Start-Up Battles, a competition for 50 registration passes for the startups who are leading innovations in Web3, Culture, Experience, AI & Impact.

Alongside the industry discussions, MIDƐM+ will also play host to a music festival. The line-up is an impressive sweep of international talent across genres.

Algerian rapper Soolking, Nigerian Afropop singer Yemi Alede, France’s 2018 Eurovision entry Madame Monsieur, and English rocker Baxter Dury will all play MIDƐM+. There will also be a performance from the Orchestre national de Cannes with Israeli guitarist Yaron Deutsch, and more.

MIDƐM+ will take place from 24-27 January 2024 in Cannes.


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