Paris Design Week 2024: Here are 8 highlights you must check out

Paris Design Week 2024: Here are 8 highlights you must check out

This month, Paris is alive with citywide celebrations centred around design. 

To commemorate its 30th anniversary, the renowned Maison & Objet January design fair will showcase more than 600 exhibitors, encompassing everything from lifestyle products, fine art, decorations, gifts, home accessories to interior design, fragrances, and more. 

Трубочисты Петербурга

The theme for this years event is ‘Tech Eden,’ inspiring exhibitors to present innovative and sustainable designs that incorporate nature in unconventional ways. 

Simultaneously, Paris Déco Off is running from — a free citywide event showcasing the best of textile décor, from fabrics, wallpapers to trimmings, and wall coverings. 

If you’re not sure where to begin with it all, here are some of our top picks for highlights you should explore at these two fairs:


Vase lady lemon by Werner VossCredit: Werner Voss

‘Hiding Bunny’ table lamp by Werner VossCredit: Werner Voss

Werner Voss, the brand with a knack for whimsical and extraordinary home decor since 1986, is showcasing its playful and creative designs at Maison & Objet.

With a taste for fun, unconventional, and downright creative designs, this German family business is fuelled by continuous curiosity and an unwavering passion for detail. 

One delightful standout that we simply adore is their decorative, hand-painted Lady Lemon vase. Big White Lotus energy. 

They’re also worth checking out for their collection of exclusive animal lamps, cushions, offering you the quirky companions your space didn’t know it needed. 

Where? — Hall 5A — Stand R148 (Maison & Objet) 


Antic refurbished bluetooth radio «Sonolor Etoile» 1950Credit: CHARLESTINE

Physical, retro music players are experiencing a renaissance in today’s tech-driven world.

This trend aligns with Charlestine, a French workshop founded in 2015, dedicated to reviving radios from another era by hand. 

The restoration process involves cleaning and reviving varnishes, and modernising the audio system with a class D amplifier, speaker, and Bluetooth module 4.0. 

You can catch a glimpse of their resurrected radios at Maison & Objet.

Where? — Hall 8 — Stand C37 (Maison & Objet)


The Club chair by BOBARILCredit: BOBARIL

Bobaril, a La Rochelle-based design company renowned for its innovative repurposing of metal barrels into distinctive and meaningful pieces, is a standout exhibitor at Maison & Objet.

Aligned with the principles of creatively recovering industrial waste, Bobaril’s designs eloquently weave a narrative of transformation while preserving the qualities of raw materials.

One of its notable designs is the Club chair, a best-seller embodying an all-round and curved design crafted from upcycled materials, particularly repurposed casks. 

While the chair visually looks awesome, we have one burning question: Is it as comfy as it is cool?

The mystery is ready to unravel at Maison & Objet!

Where? — Hall 8 — Stand B85 (Maison & Objet) 


Magic Circus Éditions Big Chain 01Credit: Magic Circus Éditions

Marie-Lise Féry’s colourful light designs are real showstoppers. 

Magic Circus Éditions, founded by Féry in 2015, brings light to life through extraordinarily playful and airy designs, such as the jaw-dropping ‘Big Chain 01’. 

Féry, a free-spirited antiquarian, draws inspiration from cabarets and the circus, infusing her imaginative and fun collections with an air of magic

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this whimsical showcase at Maison & Objet. 

Where? — Hall 7 — Stand E58 (Magic Circus Éditions) 


The Factory collection by Ramon EsteveCredit: VONDOM

Looking to spruce up your garden with some trendy furniture? If so, it’s worth checking out VONDOM’s showcase at Maison & Objet. 

The Valencia-based design company has collaborated with esteemed designers like Jean-Marie Massaud, Ramón Esteve, Fabio Novembre, and Eugeni Quitllet, imbuing their outdoor products with a distinct, stylish flair. 

Featured at Maison & Objet, VONDOM is presenting the work of Ramón Esteve, including the «Hamptons» outdoor furniture collection inspired by the luxury of New York holiday homes, as well as «The Factory» collection. 

Where? — Hall 7 — Stand F126 (Maison & Objet) 


A rug from Vandra Rugs’ MILAN CollectionCredit: Mikael Lundblad

Vandra Rugs, a Swedish luxury lifestyle brand, specialises in crafting exquisite hand-woven rugs with a commitment to respect and sustainability. 

Their workshop in the small historic town of Kosiv in western Ukraine produces made-to-order rugs, employing mainly women in both weaving and managerial roles. 

At Paris Deco Off, Vandra Rugs is collaborating with Soie de Lune and Anne Corbière Textiles in the «Master Weavers at Hotel de l’Industrie» showcase. 

The event promises to be a celebration of craftsmanship, featuring daily weaving demonstrations, engaging guest speakers, and a champagne and tea party. 

Cheers to that! 

Where? — Hotel de l’Industrie (Paris Déco Off) 

Giant lamps and oversized furniture

An oversized sofa modelCredit: Ecart International/SortirParis

As big and daring as ever, oversized furniture has returned to Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Place des Petits-Pères, and Place Furstenberg, adorned in a variety of outdoor fabrics and paints sourced from the textile producers of Paris Déco Off.

Among these furnishings, which stand like large outdoor art installations, you’ll find oversized armchairs that pay homage to the artistic contributions of Andrée Putman, with two of them created by Ecart International. 

Where? — Place Saint-Germain-des-Prés, Place des Petits-Pères and Place Furstenberg (Paris Déco Off) 


Line Lounge Chair by LUTECACredit: LUTECA

On the Place des Petits-Pères, a large plexiglass space will host a scenography of creations by Mexican brand Luteca. 

Offering high-quality, singular furniture pieces that combine unconventional design and exceptional savoir-faire, Luteca has gone from strength to strength

For the five days of the event, one of the brand’s skilled artisans, visiting specially from Mexico, will conduct live demonstrations, showcasing the intricate craft of basket weaving using cactus stems and reeds.

Where? — Place des Petits-Pères (Paris Déco Off)

Video editor • Theo Farrant


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