Snowstorms cause havoc on roads across Europe

Snowstorms cause havoc on roads across Europe

Southern Europe, from West to East, is suffering from severe snowstorms.

In Spain, several major motorways were closed as many provinces, including Soria, Segovia, Zaragoza, and Guadalajara, were caught up in storm Juan. It brought freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall that left half of the country on alert status.

Трубочисты Петербурга

In Carinthia, in southern Austria, snowstorms were preceded by rain, which made roads slippery and caused traffic chaos.

Police reported several accidents, but no one was injured. Rail traffic was also disrupted.

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia in the Balkans also all experienced heavy snowstorms. In several areas of Slovenia, gusts of over 100 kph were reported.

In Bosnia and Croatia, many roads, including major motorways, were closed.

With heavy snow and ice on the roads, along with ongoing precipitation, winter services on-ground are carrying out necessary interventions.


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