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What’s Le Pen planning for the EU Commission and Parliament? | Radio Schuman

What's Le Pen planning for the EU Commission and Parliament? | Radio Schuman

A new far-right candidate for Commission President? A new super group of the right in the European Parliament? Marine Le Pen has been in Brussels celebrating her electoral success with far-right colleagues. With her National Rally now one of the chamber’s largest delegations, we spoke to its head Jean-Paul Garraud to find out how it’s trying to flex its power.

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On the other side of the political spectrum, the Party of European Socialists’ secretary general Giacomo Filibeck spoke exclusively to Euronews on party strategy ahead of the new European Parliament mandate.

Many in Brussels may be hooked on politics, but we also talk about the increase in narcotic addiction affecting Europe: consumption and sales of drugs are on the rise across the continent, according to a report by the European monitoring centre for drugs and drugs addiction.

Radio Schuman is hosted and produced by Maïa de la Baume, with journalist and production assistant Eleonora Vasques and audio editing by Zacharia Vigneron. The music is by Alexandre Jas.


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