Step into the mind of a hacker with the true cybercrime podcast Hacker Hunter: Next Level

Step into the mind of a hacker with the true cybercrime podcast Hacker Hunter: Next Level

Are hackers criminal masterminds?

In the inaugural episode of Hacker Hunter: Next Level, we delve into a conversation with two cybersecurity experts:

Трубочисты Петербурга
  • Rainer Bock, the Head of Content and Platform at Tomorrow Unlocked, Kaspersky, and the executive producer of the series.
  • Marco Preuss, Head of the Research and Analysis Team in Europe at Kaspersky.

Let’s step into the mind of a hacker

In the special true crime podcast miniseries, Hacker Hunter: Next Level, we delve into the thrilling world of hacking.

Join us across three episodes as we travel to India and the US to meet three extraordinary hackers: Anthony, Forsaken, and Manfred.

These individuals have played a pivotal role in some of the most notorious hacking cases in video game history.

Episode 1: Anthony, the child prodigy

When four friends realized they could hack one of the most popular video games ever invented, it wasn’t long before serious money started rolling in. They didn’t hide; they believed they were doing nothing wrong. However, the FBI would end up raiding their homes. 

Episode 2: Forsaken, the team’s star

Five unknown Indian players get the opportunity of a lifetime: joining one of the world’s biggest eSports organisations and competing internationally. And they’re not just there to learn, but to win. They impress and give hope to the Indian Esports scene. Until, one of them, Forsaken, is about to take an action that will shake the foundations of the team and the legitimacy of the eSports world itself.

Episode 3: Manfred, the mastermind

When Manfred began playing multiplayer online role-playing games in the late 1990s, he discovered a way to outsmart the system. Over 20 years, he became a master at finding loopholes and glitches in different games using a wide range of tricks. In this episode, he tells us how he made a fortune out of hacking.

To be released on January 24

Hacker Hunter: Next Level is brought to you by Tomorrow Unlocked, the cyber immunity channel from Kaspersky, in collaboration with the Euronews Tech Talks team.


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